Rockshop - we're more than just another company...

We may be the biggest chain of our kind in NZ, but it all comes down to relationships. Currently, with 25 locations nationwide, the Rockshop Group continues to expand both the number - and size - of its outlets, increasing the roster of the world’s best brands of musical instruments and equipment. But our retail employees remain the single most important factor in the success of our business. Our business is passing on our passion; that's where you come in...


The Rockshop Group, from it’s inception in 1986, has always believed in excellence; both in product and company culture.

Giving back:

Owned and run by musicians, we believe that promoting music is key and we are long-term sponsors of a great many pivotal bands and a number of national music initiatives including the SmokeFreeRockQuest; BandQuest; Play It Strange Trust; and the Vodafone Music Awards


As our most important asset, we believe employees should benefit from working for us – in education, in remuneration, in promotion and in preferential pricing.


We believe in Loyalty. Our employees are some of our most vocal supporters, and likewise, we stand behind our employees.