What's in it for you?

We have a passion for music and sharing it with others, but we also want our employees to benefit from being part of our team. We offer preferential pricing on the world’s premier brands and the opportunity to build relationships with leaders in the music industry. We provide a safe and enjoyable working environment, and we also build into your future with a great range of training and promotion opportunities throughout the company. A recipe for success!


As we are the only truly national chain of music stores throughout the country we are able to provide our staff with significant promotional opportunities within the Group. So when you work here you truly are able to go places.


As musicians we believe it’s important to play. Practically everyone here at the Rockshop is a musician, in fact many of our employees are recognised faces in the music industry. We understand that gigging is important and we encourage it. We respect your musical projects and responsibilities; with some discussion and understanding we find a great work/life balance.


We believe in looking after our employees, they’re our biggest asset.


We believe our employees should have access to the best retail training in New Zealand to forge a career based on experience and qualifications. We run in-house product skills sessions and regular clinics with overseas demonstrators who are the world's best. We have also partnered with the Service IQ to provide NZQA recognised National Certification. We also offer a 3 year Retail Apprenticeship for those that qualify. These courses are earn-while-you-learn and are fully sponsored by us so our team are not required to pay anything in order to further their education.


We believe that workplace safety should be taken seriously. We have a rigorous health and safety policy and have implemented initiatives aimed at assuring a safe and enjoyable working environment.

Great people

We are very selective in our hiring. We have assembled strong teams with a great sense of humour and dedication to their craft and they make for excellent workmates. So if you make it through, you’ll be working with some of the best people around.